In My Nature

Constance Sidles

You don't have to go to Alaska or Patagonia or even Timbuktu to find exotic nature. It's right here in your own backyard. Come along with Connie Sidles as she explores the wilds of the Montlake Fill, a natural haven in the heart of Seattle. The Fill is host to more than 240 different species of birds. In 32 essays arranged into four seasons, Connie documents the birds who come here and the things they do. In the process, she reflects on the meaning of wild nature and its relationship to human nature.

"Why do we go out into nature?" she asks. "Because it is eternal. It's bigger than we are. It grants us clarity and insight into ourselves. It gives us peace of mind and an understanding heart. It's funny, exciting, serene, and dangerous by turns. The Fill is a little piece of the wild where the unexpected is always around the next bend in the trail."

Come along with Connie and experience the surprises she finds.

Readers' comments:

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